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In 2008, Siete24 Ltda., TSS Latam’s parent company and a full service physical security services provider, with over 20 years in the market at that time, based in Bogotá, Colombia, was approached by a global consulting firm to explore capabilities in the area of executive protection. The task was to provide secure transportation and close protection for a group of over 20 executives working for one of the world’s largest retail corporations who would conduct an in depth, on the ground study of Colombia’s retail sector. 

They would need to cover most major cities and many small towns all over the territory over a period of two weeks and would be split into three groups. Siete24 took on this project and completed the task successfully. (you can find more details of this project in the succesful cases area of this website)
Thanks to this experience, Siete24’s leadership identified an opportunity for providing this type of services not only in Colombia but all over the region and decided to establish TSS Latam.

We identified partners with the highest quality standards and thorough recruiting processes in other Latin American countries qualified as high risk due to crime and violence but with healthy economies and active business environments and set up a trusted network of regional security services providers. Many of the partners identified in this initial process are still our partners with which we have improved standards and stregthened our relationship over the years to provide the best service to clients.

Our clients are mainly corporations with operations in the region and risk consulting firms whose clients have interests in Latin America.

15 years have gone by since our first project and we continue to deliver high quality services with a commitment to excellence.