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Global Risk Firm, Ecuador

Client: Top Global Risk Consulting Firm.

Location: Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Mission: Provide protective services for a group of executives from a foreign hedge fund taking over physical assets from local hostile management. TSS Latam was contacted by the Risk Consulting firm with an urgent request to deploy a consultant who could put together a team locally to protect their clients during a potentially explosive takeover process.

Specific Mission Tasks

Major challenges:

TSS deployed a bilingual consultant for two three-week tours. In the first tour the consultant put a security detail together using his regional network. Provided permanent security support for the group and evacuated one of the members of the group who had received a life threat due to the actions they had started against the local management. During the second tour, the consultant designed a physical security system along with protocols for the local offices.

Mission was completed successfully. Assets were taken over and are currently run by local management. Executives returned home safely.