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How do we protect our clients?

Risk Management and Duty of Care

Risk Analysis:

Prior to our clients visit to any country in Latin America, an accurate risk assessment plan is applied to all areas implied in the visit. This analysis is applied specifically to the clients needs and demmands, plus a complete political, económic and social risk level forecast for this areas or cities.

Risk Advice:

Our best advise in case that your are travelling to cities or areas with high risk levels of any kind is to minimize the impact of this risks. Travel Security Strategies will give clients all the neccesary measures and actions to apply not only to prevent any event that can harm their physical integrity or their business goals, but also to confront any given emergency situation. Our experience living and protecting in the most dangerous parts of the world can guarantee a high quality prevention and action training for your clients.


Even if your client is prepared and protected for high risk level areas during his/her business or personal travels, tragedies can happen and its then when people must really be ready to ACT. Our clients travel to cities ruled by uncertainty and a crisis can arise at any moment. Our team Will be ready to secure its clients and send them back home safely. Travel Security Strategies security personel is connected 24/7 with local police and special protection officers to reach our clients and help them evacuate fast and safe from dangerous situations.

Threat and Risk Assessments:

A threat is defined as anything that destroys or interrupts a service or ítem of value, they can be human or non human. The objective of this strategic approach is to provide recommnedations that miximize the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability. Its crucial that this assessment is a collaborative process, where alll organizational levels are involved, to avoid a costly and ineffective security measure. Travel Security Strategies recommneds a grading system for the quantification of risk, as this makes it easier to understand the implications of threats or vulnerabilities.

Operational and Protective Security:

Here we focus on long – term Project goals. Once we know the threats and risks our clients face we design a solution tailored to their needs. We focus on the principles and techniques of providing physical security protection in various environments and situations. Includes instruction in security intelligence and information resources, operations planning and surveying, operations security, weapons and explosives, defense and offense techniques, among other services.