There are several aspects that can define the chaos of public safety in Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro as an urban war. The actual government has to face this war as a priority for 2019 by providing the police force with legal and institutional protection, safety equipment, and recognition from society and technological innovation, among others.

There are three main issues for this urban war to gain force in Brazil.

Even though the government declares zero tolerance towards crime, the legal system of Brazil does not support this statement as the law can change according to different interpretations and depending on specific situations. The legal system in Brazil can be very open minded towards criminals and defends their human rights above all. This behavior doesn’t apply like wise to police officers. So, for the actual government to be able to efficiently improve public safety it has to think about changes on the legal system.

The administration and organization of police assets. First of all, the definition of functions inside the different police groups is not clear and this affects the efficiency of their actions towards crime in Rio. It can be chaotic as there are about 9000 police officers only in Rio de Janeiro, a huge number and if they are not efficiently organized and with clear roles and functions within the city, citizens are facing a non-reliable protection system and a continuous decrease in public safety.

Stay informed about homicide rates in Latin America Due to the inefficient actions and lack of clear strategies from the police forces against drug and weapons illegal trafficking, the military have to face this situation but their actions result ineffective and expensive as this is not a field in which they are trained to move. As in every country that faces drug trafficking wars, it becomes violent for citizens due to the use of heavy weapons from criminals and the military.

This urban war in Rio de Janeiro can not only be faced by changes in the different police groups and forces. It has to be an integration between government, legal system, police and citizens. Society needs to feel safe and trust that the police has the resources and structure to defend them from criminals and that the government and legal system will punish criminals according to their crimes.

Business for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro is not safe today. Risk levels are very high. So, If travelling to Brazil, contact a security company that knows the region and the country risks.