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Security Operations in high risk level country Caracas, Venezuela

Operations Completed Successfully:

Client: VIP Executive from United Arab Emirates.

Location: Caracas, Venezuela.

Mission: To provide security strategies and previous risk analysis of all places to be visited by the client during 8 days in a high risk level city.

Specific mission tasks:

  • Previous risk analysis of all locations to be visited by the client.
  • Safe Hotel recommendations.
  • Security inspection of main and alternate routes according to the clients agenda.
  • Safe hospitals near the locations.
  • Airport safe pick up and drop off strategy.
  • Establish effective communication channels with local authorities for special support if needed.
  • Plan emergency evacuations from hotel.
  • Safe restaurant recommendations.
  • Define security equipment needed to carry at all times by the protection team.

Major challenges:

  • Avoid road blocks due to permanent demonstrations in the city.
  • Change of restaurants or any other location plans due to last minute risks in certain areas.
  • Several power black outs confronted with power back up.
  • Airline delays and flight cancelation, were the security team remained active until the client left safely on the next possible flight.

After completing the executive protection risk analysis and according to the specific security needs of the client, Travel Security Strategies LATAM assigned a 4×4 armored (level IV) SUV with a bilingual security driver and bilingual EP agent to the security scheme. This vehicle had a first aid kit, tools kit, bullet proof vest and satellite phone. All this supported by direct communications with a 24/7 operations center were an extra armored vehicle with a security driver was waiting in case of a security event with the client.

When the VIP Executive arrived to Caracas, the security agent gave him a complete security briefing about the risks he could face in the city of Caracas and the possible hazards that could appear, with the appropriate measures to take in case of an incident and how he must act to protect himself and avoid being captured or injured. He is also given a local cell phone with the local emergency numbers, operation center and members of his personal security squeme activated, to keep an assertive and permanent communication. Once the service was active, the security driver and EP agent maintained permanent contact with the security company and operations center about the clients movements around Caracas to ensure that the whole security team in charge is constantly aware of the executive´s position.

Our mission was completed successfully in a city with very high political and social risk levels and our security team responded efficiently and proactively towards last minute security improvisations.