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Successful case in Haití

Protection Service for American Foundation

Client: CEO of an American Foundation and his team.

Location: Haiti

Mission: Provide security and logistics to the whole team of the foundation in Haiti for them to be able to accomplish their visit safely to endangered communities in remote areas, during 8 days.

Specific Mission Tasks

Major Challenges

Prior to the service Regional Security Advisor of Travel Security Strategies and the chief of security from the hotel made an inspection of the hotel’s security plan. The Security Advisor, the assistant of the CEO and the designated drivers make a Security advance work or route inspection that includes all the meeting points of the CEO’s agenda, to secure locations, check on security of main and alternate routes, nearby hospitals, police stations and the fastest way to the airport in case of an emergency. The Security Advisor meets with all hired drivers for a security briefing were security and communication protocols are established. Vehicles also go through a security inspection for: tires, required regional documentation, fuel, spare tires, emergency kit and a cooler with refreshments for the clients is left inside each vehicle.

TSSLatam finished the security operation with 0 incidents and optimum client satisfaction.