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Successful case in Haití

Client: American Foundation that gives financial support for education to endangered communities. Location: Haití Duration: 8 days Situation: For international foundations that deliver economical, social or phsycological support to endangered communities its all about travel risk services. Specially because endangered communities are always located in countries with high political and security risk levels. So was the case of an american foundation that needed to send a team of representatives for 8 days to Haiti to give financial support to a group of communities. TSSLatam was hired to deliver all the risk management strategy for this foundation`s team and what a better motivation to help others reach their bussiness goals safely than protecting them while they helped others in need. Solution: 1. Regional Security Advisor of Travel Security Strategies and the chief of security from the hotel made an inspection of the hotel’s security plan: such as emergency exits, evacuation routes, and the designated rooms for the client’s team. 2. Security Advisor, the assistant of the CEO and the designated drivers make a Security advanced work or route inspection that includes all the meeting points of the CEO’s agenda, to secure locations, check on security of main and alternate routes, nearby hospitals, police stations and the fastest way to the airport in case of an emergency. 3. The Security Advisor meets with all hired drivers for a security briefing were security and communication protocols are established. Vehicles also go through a security inspection for: tires, required regional documentation, fuel, spare tires, emergency kit and a cooler with refreshments for the clients is left inside each vehicle. Travel Security Strategies LATAM, finished the service with no incidents, no car accidents, no work-related situations, and no thefts to our client. Once again, we helped others reach their business goals safely.