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Successful case in Medellin

Client: Confidential Location: Medellin, Colombia SA Duration: 6 days Situation: A big corporation from The United States is focusiong to expnad its businness to Colombia in South America and needs to send a group of VIP executives to Medellin – Colombia, to attend government conferences that are of extreme relevance for the businness expansión to take place. The security company in charge of the travel risk management for the coporations employees contacts Travel Security Strategies(Latam) to deliver the security infrastructure and act as an extensión of their security service to their client in the US. Solution: Risk Assesment: Medellin, as most of Colombia, offers an uncertain security scenario for foreign travelers. Prior to the clients arrival we made a prior extensive security investigation of the routes, accommodations,restaurants, businness centers and all places involved in the clients daily agenda. We were also aware of any particular Hazard in the area and close sorroundings. Advice: According to the prior risk analysis we informed our client of any possible risks or hazards that could take place in Medellin during the dates the executives were visiting and also made recomendations for secure hotels, business centers, routes, and restaurants. We also advised our client on how to react in case of an emergency, but most important on how to minimize the impact if an incident takes place. Events: Travel Security Strategies organized all the logistics with FBO for our private plane which took the US executives to Medellin, to land safely at Medellin´s airport and for the executives to have direct private access to inmigration services and then straight to the armored vehicle which would take them to the hotel. The executive visited Comuna 13, a high risk area of Medellin and our team and local police organized and managed a complete security strategy for that specific visit with no emergency events. Results: Our client delivered a secure travelling experience to the Corporation who hired them in the US, by expanding their security services for travelers to Latin America with Travel Securtiy Strategies(Latam).