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Corporate Travel Outlook for 2022

  • 2022 has begun with the unexpected rise of COVID 19 infections due to the new OMICRON variant and the generalized use of booster vaccines to help avoid extreme sickness and prevent a new crisis of health systems.
  • What we are seeing will be the main trends in the first months of the year are the following:
  • COVID 19 will continue to be the dominant factor in the travel security environment and not only because of the new variant, but also because of the constant changes in the Dynamic of the virus.
  • The use of boosters will be required for travellers to be considered full vaccinated. The two original doses will nos suffice.
  • Anti-vaccine movements are rising all over the world, many of these protests are turning violent and can disturb domestic travel.
  • There are great changes in what we used to conceive as the workplace. The hybrid model, which combines work at home and at the office is beginning to be a major choice both for employees and companies.
  • The dynamic nature of the pandemic brings constant regulatory changes both at international and domestic levels. Travelers must be well informed in order to avoid unnecessary nuances.
  • We are running into the third year of the pandemic with people beginning to get restless and careless, this can impact both public health and security. Personal care is of the utmost importance. 
  • Companies with travelling employees have the duty of informing and educating their people around the new protocols existing at their destinations so they can be confident in travelling once again.
  • Information is key and the protection of mobile devices and computers is vital to the survival of organizations. Travelling employees must be sure their portable devices are properly encrypted and protected from external attacks.