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What we do

Executive Protection is about helping others reach their goals safely, its a Service Industry and Travel Security Strategies(LATAM) is committed to this service as a security company. We dedicate to design, plan and implement travelling security strategies in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and all of Central and South America for executives and employees of multinational companies and for clients of Security Companies from abroad, who require executive protection services and travel security strategies.

A Security program design is tailored according to the specific needs of each client. Our main offices are in Bogota, a strategic position for our operations in the region and we also have an office in Miami, FL for our customers abroad to have a more direct Access to our team. We can offer EP Agents, CPO(Close Protection Officer), armoured vehicles, security drivers and all the necessary risk management infrastructure in cities and regions of Central and South America.


Travel Security Strategies – LATAM has a profesionally trained team of EP Agents for the protection of corporate executives. Our agents are trained to be creative problem solvers for any event, they can cope easily to different situations and keep the mission on track no matter what and 100% committed to their task.

Our Agents manage moment by moment situational awareness with the capacity to differ between assertiveness and aggressive behaviour. Our motivation is a key human factor for a good executive protection agent.


Our EP Agents training is essential, as it allows them to acknowledge the law, practice use of guns at shooting range with simulated real life exercises, defensive and evasive driving techniques in armored vehicles and physical training. All this to constantly improve the identification of vulnerabilities of the EP Agent and his reaction in case of an incident.