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Our Technology

24/7 Operations Centers

A complete and efficient communications system that integrates radio frequencies and telecommunications, protected 24/7 by personnel trained to protect people and places.

Risk Analysis Reports

We make a prior assessment of the risks our clients might face, including possible hazards in specific áreas or countries, to deliver security recommendations for them to control these risks.

This risk assessment also includes political, económic and terrorism risks which are very common in Latin America.

Additional Tools

Armored vehicles

We suggest this vehicles for regions of high security risk levels to ensure their safety in case of a direct attack.

Semiautomatic concelaed weapons

These are the weapons permitted by law for security companies in the region. The semiautomatic concealed weapon is automatically charged after each gunshot, aspect that allows a faster and more effective defense reaction when necessary.

Meet and greet airport service

We understand that arriving to an unknown country, can make people feel uncertain and lost, so we will greet our clients at their arrival at the airport and will assure them a secure and pleasant experience during this process.

Bullet proof vests

We offer this additional protection for our EP agents and clients that travel to areas of extremely high security risk levels, to guarantee their personal integrity.

All the data gathered Will help us make sure your clients are prepared for emergency incidents or evacuations.

Panic Buttons

These can be installed on any smartphones or vehicles. From smartphones you can send emergency alerts so we can locate you from our Operations Center. On vehicles our drivers can push the switch which is regularly hidden. Both systems don’t give a sound alert and so criminals can’t know they’ve been monitored.

GPS In Vehicles

  • Detection of non authorized use of vehicles such as routes or not planned stops.
  • Prevention of risky and suspicious behaviors, such as abrubt driving and speeding.
  • In case of any event during your route with us, our GPS System will report to our 24/7 Operations Center and to other devices of your choice in real time, for our security personnel to take the necessary immediate measures.
  • This System will give you certainty and tranquillity as we will know the location and use of all our units.
  • The GPS System will permit the possibility to develop functions and reports according to the needs of our clients.

SIG 7 Comprehensive Management System​

Travel Security Strategies (LATAM) counts with a modern software that allows us to monitor events and relevant information in real time.

This information helps us to take preventive and corrective immediate measures. All information is accessible from any computer, smartphone or laptop.

Strategic Approach

At TravelSecurity Strategics we know that for our client´s business abroad to be succesfull they need to feel and stay safe. Most countries in Latin America present not only high security risk levels but also high political, economic, and terrorist risk levels.

So its crucial for security companies and corporations to prepare their clients and employees for business travels abroad and specially to countries with high risk levels.

We design a tailor made risk travel security strategy for our clients. We focus on their specific businness needs as we are here to protect them so they can achieve their business goals safely becasue we know the región, the culture and the local risks.