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How we manage cero risk events for our clients


The Client

The CEO and his team (between 10 to 13 VIP executives) from an NGO of The United States. The client has visited Haití during the past 4 years.

The Challenge

The client is a big group of high level VIP foreign executives, who require permanent protection, daily previous risk analysis and security strategies. This requires a robust, efficient and resourceful security team on the ground.

Haiti presents a high risk level of country safety and high levels of poverty. Country conditions makes the task a vulnerable place for thefts and kidnapping. Also, the precarious infrastructure of routes and roads requires a previous daily plan to access locations as safe as possible.

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The Solution

Corporate Executive Protection from Travel Security Strategies LATAM. This solution included a security team of 10 corporate bilingual, armed EP agents.

The EP Agents are trained in: risk analysis, tactical and technical training, defensive and evasive driving, shooting training with a shooting simulator, The solution also includes: 4×4 SUV armored vehicles, local cell phones, GPS and panic buttons.

Permanent communication and support from local police in case if an emergency.

The Results

The security team received the clients at the airport and exited them through a private diplomatic room, straight to the vehicles. Every day, there was a previous risk analysis of routes and sites the client had to visit. Also, prior to the visit each day, client and the security team would do a security briefing for that day.

This operation has been very successful as our client has hired our protection services 4 times in a row and there has never been a security emergency, thanks to a highly effective and reliable communications system from TSS Latam.

Our customer wants us to deliver the same service across other similar visits and locations across LATAM.

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