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Preparations for Business Travel

After being focused mostly on COVID-19 for the past two years, its consequences, how to avoid infection, changing rules and regulations all over the world, vaccinations and vaccination rates, companies are beginning to set their sights on 2022 to have their executives and employees leave their headquarters and begin to travel internationally.

With all or most of the attention pointed to the virus, travelers need to be aware that the security challenges in the different countries are still there and in many of them, especially in Latin America, they might have increased.

The pandemic brought along economic crisis in many economies, with businesses forced to close down and lay off employees. Poverty indicators and unemployment rates have spiked. These factors have led crime indicators to increase also; being street crime one of the indicators with a greater rise.

The following is TSS Latam´s 10 Rule Checklist for Safe Travel:

  1. Always maintain a low profile. The use of flashy jewelry and especially expensive watches will draw attention of criminals.
  2. Make use of news outlets, government websites and your company’s security department to be informed of special risks and situations that need to be observed at the planned destination.
  3. When travelling to high risk destinations, do not use clothes with company logos, and take tags off your luggage that can indicate you are a premium traveller.
  4. Securing trusted transportation previously is a must. Taxi cabs and even vehicles hired through on-demand applications have become tolos for criminals to rob people of their valuables.
  5. Do not carry an excessive amount of cash with you and only bring with you the credit card you are going to use. Carry a copy of your Passport and leave the original in the safe deposit box in your hotel room.
  6. When walking in the streets avoid areas that are lonely and poorly iluminated. When walking at night, make sure you stay on main streets and do not wander into unknown neighborhoods.
  7. Never leave your handbags and personal belongings unattended. Airports, restaurants, hotel lobbies and shopping centers are the perfect places for criminals to prey on  distracted tourists.   
  8. If you arrive to your hotel room and the door is open, do not enter the room. Turn around, head to the hotel lobby and report the incident to the front desk so that hotel security can address the situation.
  9. The consumption of ice in beverages, uncooked vegetables and tap wáter is not adviseable in many countries. Make sure you are informed of the quality of wáter at your destination to avoid intoxications.
  10.  When going out at night, do not engage with strangers and never leave your drink unattended.