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Areas of public safety levels of risk in Lima, Peru

Lima as all capital cities of Latin America presents a high risk of safety level, for many reasons such as an ample difference in economic and social levels among citizens. Citizens express a higher perception of in secure public safety (81%), with street robbery and drug trafficking with the highest rates. At Travel Security Strategies, our main goal is your safety during your travels to Latin America, so we provide this useful information for a safe stay in Lima, Peru: Types of violent crime  
  • Carjacking
  • Assault
  • Sexual assault (women tourists drugged at bars or night clubs, vulnerable due to isolation)
  • Armed robbery
  • Express Kidnappings (victims are kidnapped, and criminals rob their funds from their credit cards at ATMS)
Main public safety risks
  • Theft of traveler’s luggage and US passports at Jorge Chavez International airport upon arrival.  
  • Use of random taxis or unauthorized public transportation
  • Arriving tourists targeted on main road leaving airport
  • Thieves smash windows at traffic lights to grab personal belongings
  • Fraud: Counterfeit of U.S. and EU currency is a growing and serious problem in Peru. Avoid changing currency on the streets. Use authorized places recommended by your hotel
    Safety recommendations at Jorge Chavez Airport
  • Pre-arrange your airport pick-up with your security company or hotel
  • Ask for the name of the person meeting you
  • For taxis use the reservation desks located in the airport arrival hall
  • Contact details are available through Lima Airport Partners
  • Place valuable belongings in the trunk of car or taxi
General safety recommendations
  • Avoid crowded areas and talking to strangers on the streets
  • Keep valuables in hotel safe and only carry copies of passports
  • Only use atm’s in shopping centers or inside banks. Never on the streets.
  • Avoid standing out and try to blend
  • Don’t use cell phone on the streets
  • Only use credit cards on your watch. Criminals in Lima are experts cloning cards
  • Avoid random taxis on the streets. Cabify is very recommended for Lima.
  • Don’t take food or drinks on the streets. Always in hotels or restaurants