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Security Guide for Lima, Peru: So you can reach your business goals safely

1. Upon arrival to International Airport Jorge Chavez

The best transportation options to your hotel or other destination are:

• Authorized taxis from lines or stands. Be sure to have the exact address of your destination.
• Remisse (this are like limos and charge you around US50 to the city. You’ll find them right after
• If a driver is picking you up make sure you have his name to avoid confusions.
• DON’T use Uber, as police the police might pull you over.

2. During your stay in Lima

Avoid the high risk level areas (red) and stay in the low risk level areas (green):

General Security Recommendations:

• Counterfeit of U.S. and EU currency is a growing and serious problem in Peru. Avoid changing
currency on the streets. Use authorized places recommended by your hotel.
• Only use credit cards on your watch. Criminals in Lima are experts cloning cards.
• Don’t eat food or have drinks in the streets. Always in restaurants, supermarkets or hotel.
• For public transportation use Uber if you have the app or Authorized taxis.
• It’s better not to walk on the streets and parks at night. During the day its safe, but try to stay in the green areas of the map and be aware of your personal belongings.

3. Where to stay

Luxury Hotels:

• JW Marriott: Malecón de la Reserva 615, Miraflores. Phone No: 511 2177000
• Hilton: Av. la Paz 1099. Phone No: 511 2008000
• Miraflores Park Plaza: Av, Malecón de la Reserva 1035. Phone No: 511 6104000

In case of emergencies:

Police: 105
Travel Security Strategies LATAM: 3204904649/Jorge Mario Garcia or

Embassy listing:

Hospitals in green zones:

• Clinica El Golf: Av. Aurelio Miró Quesada 1030, San Isidro.
• Clinica Delgado: Calle General Borgoño, Miraflores
• Clinica Americana: Av. Emilio Cavenecia 250, San Isidro

4. When leaving to the airport

The best option is Uber Black. If not, an authorized taxi called from your hotel or place where you stay.