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Vetting your Security Services Provider

When a multinational corporation has operations all over the world, having trusted security services providers that can provide expertise and knowledge at a local level. Generally the security department at headquarters will lack information and the savvy needed to conduct operations in the emerging markets. Having local partners ensures that  the business’s operations can be carried out with safecty and a desireable leve  of risk.

What should these types of corporations look for when searching the market for a trusted local provider ? The following is a quick guide of the main characteristics to look for when carrying out this delicate task:

  1. icensing: regulations may vary from country to country. A probable partner should have all the necessary required opérate by the country’s government. An updated perating license and the local weapons permit are the mínimum licenses that a security services provider should be able to produce.

2. Ownership: the legal status of the different owners should be checked in the different databases, especially the OFAC list.  

3. Hiring Procedures: how the human resources department goes about selecting employees is also very important. What type of tests do candidates take ? Who interviews the candidates ? Do the have background checks ? What databases are used to carry out the background checks ?

4. Personnel CV: the company should be able to produce the CV’s for the personnel who will be responsable for providing security services to your people and at your facilities. In the end, they might be the first contact a client or visitor has when visiting your company. 

5. Experience: your local partner should be experienced in delivering services to companies like yours. You can request recommendation letters from current clients to make sure the people you’re dealing with know what they are doing.

6. Vehicles: does the company own the vehicles they use for their security operations ? Does a maintenance schedule exist for the vehicles ? Where are the vehicles left overnight ? 

7. Insurance: the type of services a security company delivers require an adequate level of insurance. Civil Liability, Third Party, Professional Indemnity and Vehicle Insurance are some of the types of policies required.

8. Certifications: quality certifications are an indicator of the level of detail and seriousness with which the processes are carried out and documented at the company. This is of great importance for accountability and following up on critical incidents.

9. Financials: a solid company is a guarantee that your operations will be safeguarded and that the local partner will be able to respond to your different needs. You should ask for the financial information of at least the past two years of operations.

10. Recommendations: ask your peers for recommendations. If the company is well reputed you will most surely hear the comments when asking colleagues about it.