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Commercial flight status for Latin American countries

When the COVID-19 pandemic was declared back in March, many countries decided to close their borders to international flights. For many of those countries, September 1st would be the date for reopening their skies to commercial passenger flights. 

The date has arrived and not all has gone as expected, TSS Latam gives you the current status of commercial aviation operations country by country. The order of the countries is the order in which they are qualified in the region for their infection rates.

It is very important for travelers to be aware of the local sanitary regulations in each country. These are changing constantly and vary widely at the different locations.


One of the countries that decided not to close their borders was Brazil. Domestic flights kept operating on a limited capacity. International flights are open and there are sanitary regulations that are constantly changing due to the fluctuations in the infection rates.

Domestic flights were open on July 15th. International flights will be allowed starting October 1st . This date will likely not be met due to the high infection rates. Most news outlets speak about January 2021 as a realistic date for international travel to be reactivated.


Domestic flights have reopened on September 1st, one month later than initially planned, and with limited flights. Although the government had announced September 1st as the date for activation of international passenger flights, the current number of infections has made the government reevaluate the date. Colombia will be initiating trial flights to Ecuador, Panama, United States and Chile at a date to be announced in the next couple of weeks.

Mexico, as did Brazil, decided to keep its borders open. They have limited domestic flights operations and international flights open. Nevertheless, countries are not receiving flights from Mexico due to the high rate of infections they have currently.


No domestic or international flights currently operating. The pandemic is currently at its peak in Argentina.

Domestic and international flights are operating on limited capacity.


Ecuador opened its domestic flight operations on July 1st and its international flight operations on July 15th.

Bolivia has opened its international flight operations on September 1st with limited frequencies to the United States and Spain. Domestic flights are operating since August 1st.


International flights have been open since July 1st.

Inbound and outbound International flights will be allowed starting September 22nd.


International and domestic flights have been operational since August 1st.

International flight operations were scheduled to begin on September 1st but current conditions will not allow this to happen. The government states they will evaluate the status of infections in mid-September.


The suspension of international flights has been extended until September 12th.

International operations open on September 1st to and from the following countries: United States, Canada, Germany and Spain.


International flight operations to be reopened on September 19th.