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Client: Fortune 500 Company Case Study.

Location: Major and intermediate cities, Colombia.

Mission: Provide logistics and security for a multidisciplinary team of 25 individuals analyzing the Colombian retail market over a period of two weeks.

TSS Latam was approached by the client to support the planning process and actual execution of an operation they needed to set in motion in order to deliver market intelligence information to their headquarters for the possible acquisition of a local player.

Specific Mission Tasks:

Major Challenges

TSS Latam put a team together composed of three bilingual team leaders, five bilingual executive protection agents, three expert security drivers and motorcycle advance teams. All operatives received specific training for this mission, delivered by master trainers (former special forces from the Colombian army with experience in highly hostile environments). Travelers were briefed by the head of the mission before being deployed. TSS Latam put a brief together with the basic do’s and don’ts specific to the country. Only low-profile soft skin vehicles and motorcycles were used for this mission.

We are proud to have completed this mission with no events to report and a very high satisfaction level expressed by the client upon completion.