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Post quarantine Protection Plan



Although the world has stopped at a standstill, TSS Latam is getting ready to provide international travelers with all the protection protocols to keep them safe from been infected by the virus when travelling to Latin America.

Drivers and CPO’s


Temperature control every morning


Weekly health check


Alcohol and anti-bacterial gel on vehicle


Gloves and masks provided



Our vehicles are thoroughly sanitized every morning. Seat covers, door handles, steering wheel … all of the components subject to frequent contact are taken care of.

Protocols and regulations updates for Latin America

Updated information on local regulations regarding mobility, airport procedures, quarantines.


Revised Meet and Greet and protocols to ensure
proper identification.

Medical / Humanitarian Evacuations

TSS Latam can provide swift action in case an evacuation is required. Through our network we are able to secure adequate transportation to quickly transfer our clients from any destination in Latin America to the US or Europe. 
It’s important to underline that with the current state of affairs, these evacuations can only be carried out for medical or humanitarian reasons.
TSS Latam does not own aircraft. This enables us to use the resources that are closer to the location of the case, saving our clients time and money.

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