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Reactivation of Corporate Travel to Latin America

The reactivation of corporate travel towards Latin America is a reality. TSS Latam had a successful case this week which we will describe in the following article.

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador

Main Challenges:

  1. Coordination with local airport authorities.
  2. Shortage of resources due to the high season.
  3. A very fluid traveler schedule. 

TSS Latsam was contacted by the client to support a corporate trip to the city of San Salvador. This city has been ranked among the most violent cities in Latin America for several years; therefore, the requirement included the use of armored vehicles and armed personnel.

Due to the high season in El Salvador, there were no armored vehicles available. We sourced the vehicles in the neighboring country of Guatemala to meet the requirement and drove them to San Salvador for the task. We put together a local crew of bilingual security drivers and close protection agents to carry out the security detail of this project.

A thorough advance of the different locations that were on the schedule was carried out by the whole team.

The corporate plane was scheduled to fly into an FBO in the área of El Salvador International airport, but due to time constraints the location was changed to a hangar within the airport. With this change, we now had to get clearance for the vehicles to enter the restricted area of the airport. Regularily, this procedure must be completed 72 hours before the arrival of the flight, in this case we just had two hours notice. This hurdle was solved with a local resource with good ties to the airport authorities and clearance was granted to the team and vehicles in a timely manner.

Our client had planned to be on the ground for 10 hours and fly back to the US. Corporate visits can suffer changes due to a miiriad of factors that are never in control of the security provider, which demands preparation and flexibility. The principals stay was delayed and the pilots could not fly due to international regulations regarding rest hours for pilots. 

On very short notice, we had to organize transportation services for the pilots to go to their hotel and get back to the airport early next morning and secure the availability of the whole crew for the following day. This was all done successfully.

The detail was carried out with no flaws and the Principals had an uneventful trip, being able to return home safely.