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Successful case in Cartagena

Client: Team of International actors Location: Cartagena, Colombia Duration: 10 days Task: Design, implement and operate the Security Strategy for main actors and their teams. SERVICE Security at Locations: All the places the artists and their team visited around Cartagena, were equipped with all security standards and protocol such as closed circuit tv(CCTV), security cameras and the presence of 24 hours surveillance. Security Agents: Local, bilingual, and highly trained Travel Security Strategies EP Agents were available 24/7, with complete knowledge of the main, and secondary routes for places and locations involved in the hired service. Also, security agents count with an ample experience in emergency coordination, logistics and security strategies. Previous Events:
  • Before the arrival of our clients, the Security Advisor of Travel Security Strategies with the security representative of the client, made a complete tour of all the places and locations the artists and their team were going to visit. A security plan was tailored made according to the previous tour and specific needs of our client. Evacuation routes and emergency exits available on each location were highlighted and shown to the whole client’s team.
  • A Security Advanced work was made by the Security Advisor, the client assistant and the EP agents assigned for this service. This advanced work included meeting points according to the client’s agenda, secure locations, main and alternate routes, nearby hospitals, police stations, and highlight of the fastest way to the airport in case of an event.
  • The security Advisor met with all hired EP agents for a security briefing were security and communication protocols were stablished.
During the service:
  • Clients were picked up at the airport in Cartagena by EP agents and security team in armored vehicles (with panic buttons) at the airport and taken to their hotel.
  • Once at the hotel, the client’s team was informed about all the security protocol, emergency, and evacuation routes. Also, some general security recommendations to avoid being robbed, like keeping a low profile. All the team gave their RH factor to the security advisor.
  • The security advisor asked the client what the protocol was to deal with fans. Security EP agents must know how to deal with them in case they came to ask for a picture or an autograph, they must be the first filter between artists and fans.
  • Each EP agent was assigned a specific person of the client’s team, to keep safe. An EP agent always accompanied all members of the client’s team, whether they were walking or going by car. The client was never left unwatched.
  • While the artists(client) were recording their film, EP agents were always attentive to what was going on in and out of the set, to guarantee their safety. They also had to be there 24/7 must be there to attend any specific need from the actors.
  • Every night the next day’s agenda was reviewed with our client’s team to review any location or schedule changes and so to be able to make aprior security inspection of this locations. Also, road security conditions had to be examined daily. Security agents must talk to the local authorities to check for any security anomalies.
End of the service After 10 days, when the client finished shooting all their scenes, the security team took them to Cartagena’s airport to take their flight back home. Not without all the security protocol at the airport were surely most of fans were present and crowds complicated things a bit. Travel Security Strategies LATAM, finished the service with no incidents, no car accidents, no work-related situations, and no threats or harm done to any of the actors of our client’s team.